Level 1 Classes

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Level 1 Hoop Dance w/ ♡ Molly Hearts ♡
Sept 16 – Nov 4
ROOM 204 at Dorothea Laub Dance Place.

Dance, flow, spin, jump and twirl your way into Fall with this dynamic class that combines technical hoop moves with fun and attainable choreography. We will start from the very beginning with waist hooping, and provide modifications and advancements for all levels, moving into off-body skills with the total wow factor! Having fun while getting a workout is the goal while you take home a life-changing new art form in the circle.

Week 1 – 2: Waist Hooping, Horizontal Plane, Hand Hooping, Spins, Shapes, Weaves
Week 3 – 4: Isolations, Transitions, Jump Thru’s, Flipping the Hoop
Week 5 – 6: Body Wraps, Chest Hooping, Shoulder Hooping, Neck Hooping, Escalators
Week 7 – 8: Tosses, Throws, Breaks, Rolls & Random

All classes $15 (+tax) drop-in or $12 per class ($96 +tax total) for the whole 8 week series. All classes held at Dorothea Laub Dance Place.

Sign up: https://www.unityhoops.com/event/level-1-hoop-dance-7-2/2019-09-16/

Hoops to practice with at home can be purchased at etsy.com/shop/unityhoops. If you would like a hoop, orders can be placed the first night of class.

Level 1.5/2 Hoop Dance

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Wednesdays, 7:30-8:30pm, Room 105
Starts Sept 18
Step it up to the next level with a hoop series focused on making flow fun! If you have the basics down and want to experience more flair with your hoop dance, this class will explore the variations, transitions, and new moves to add to your repertoire. Your flow will become electric as you learn to blend your own style with choreography and tricks.

Sign up: https://www.unityhoops.com/event/int-adv-hoop-dance-2/2019-09-18/

Hoop Lessons

I offer beginner and intermediate hula hoop dance lessons in Southern California, or online through video chat.

Anyone can experience the absolute joy of hoop dance and the liberating freedom of expression!

Hooping will most certainly change your life – if you just try. The pursuit will bring you in tune with your body as you enjoy challenging and shaping your physical senses, muscle memory, and rhythm.

Hula hooping is a sport, art, dance, and skill that you can take anywhere – for free! Hoop dance is a rewarding lifelong activity that connects mind to movement and can be enjoyed with friends, family, and best of all – by yourself.

We will explore the art of hooping with music and incorporate dance and flow along with dazzling tricks. There is no one correct way to hoop, but old school styles incorporate more dance and on-body movement, while new school involves more tricks and off-body variations.

I remember I was intimidated by hooping because I could barely keep it around my waist. I am so glad I finally dove into the addicting hobby that became my passion!

At the very least, with hooping you always get a fantastic workout, enjoy an experimental form of alternative dance and perhaps move on to LED or fire as your heart calls.

Give yourself the gift of hooping and try out a session with me – hello@mollyreports.com. You never know if it will change your life.

And let me know if you need to borrow a hoop, there’s plenty extra!