Career goals are important, but success all starts from within. To be in tune with your passions, your body must first connect to the feelings and sensations in your body. That central synapse is crucial to the alignment of your work.

Here are my favorite ways to take care of my skin, the largest organ in your body, and my guide to fitness, which also fosters emotional and mental clarity in addition to physical benefits.


I never knew what glowing was really like until I tried RF for my skin! I had been to countless dermatologists growing up and never thought that the solution was right in front of my face… literally.

That is why I am so happy to share RF with my family, friends, and network for all your skincare needs. I am a distributor for Rodan + Fields, the #1 skincare line in the United States. Let me know if you would like to learn more about it, or if you are interested in joining my team.

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After 2 months of the RF SOOTHE Regimen 🙂


My favorite way to get fit no matter what city I’m in at the moment is through Classpass.  You get a FREE month of fitness classes to start!

This app / website offers affordable workouts at almost any studio. You can try different classes whether it be yoga, cycling, dance, martial arts, gym time, aerial and acro yoga, paddleboarding, just to name a few.

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